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Your home’s first defence against damp

Northampton homes, like many, often confront the relentless hardship of rising damp, condensation, and the crucial need for adept damp proofing. Dampco Ltd stands as a stalwart ally, combining unmatched expertise and a dedicated approach to safeguard your abode.

More than just service: A Legacy

Dampco isn’t merely a company; it’s a tradition. Over five decades, our family-owned business, now in its third generation, has championed the cause of damp-free homes. Each year, each project and each house has only deepened our understanding of rising damp, condensation and damp proofing and sharpened our skill set.

Crafting solutions for Northampton

Every residence is unique, and our services mirror this diversity. Our cellar conversions, renowned for their impeccable design and functionality, transform spaces without altering your home’s signature appearance. It’s a blend of preservation and innovation – a mark of our commitment to every homeowner.

A commitment to clarity

Our engagement with homeowners is rooted in transparency. After each home visit, a comprehensive survey is conducted, shedding light on potential issues and charting a practical remedial course through damp proofing. This commitment to clarity ensures homeowners are always in the know, making decisions that best serve their interests.

Safety and assurance: Our cornerstones

With guarantees stretching up to three decades, we don’t just offer a service – we offer peace of mind. Our association with the Guarantee Protection Trust further reinforces this commitment, ensuring that when you choose Dampco, you select a reliable legacy.

Transform your living space

If you envision a future where your Northampton home stands strong, free from the grip of damp and related issues, then that future starts with Dampco. Connect with us, and let’s journey toward a healthier, happier home without rising damp and condensation.