At Dampco, we are committed to delivering exceptional damp-proofing services to the Rugby, Daventry, and Northampton communities. Our extensive experience spanning over fifty years equips us to tackle all forms of damp issues, including rising damp, condensation, and general moisture control.

Bespoke Treatments

Each property in Rugby, Daventry, and Northampton presents unique challenges, which our team addresses with customised solutions. After a thorough property assessment, we apply superior Gell products that form a robust barrier against damp. This proactive approach solves current damp problems and prevents future occurrences, ensuring your home remains dry and comfortable.

Condensation Management Solutions

Managing indoor moisture is crucial to prevent damage and health issues. Our advanced moisture control systems help reduce indoor humidity, preventing the build-up of condensation. This is vital for maintaining your home’s structural integrity and air quality.

Rising Damp Interventions

Rising damp can be particularly damaging, especially to older homes, which are common in these areas. Our effective treatments include the installation of a chemical damp-proof course, which stops moisture from rising and protects your home’s foundation and aesthetic value.

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Engaged and Informed Customer Care

Dampco is dedicated to providing effective treatments and ensuring that homeowners are well-informed about how to maintain the health of their properties. We offer ongoing support and advice tailored to each home’s needs.

Why Choose Dampco?

Choose Dampco for reliable, effective, and thorough damp-proofing solutions. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us a leader in the field.

If you’re in Rugby, Daventry, or Northampton and need professional damp-proofing services, contact Dampco today. Our experts are ready to help you secure your home against damp, ensuring a safe and healthy living environment.