Dampco offers premier damp-proofing solutions to the residents of Coalville, ensuring that every home remains protected against damp’s drawbacks. Our half-century of experience enables us to address rising damp, condensation, and other related issues with unmatched expertise and precision.

Effective Rising Damp Treatment

Rising damp can significantly undermine a property’s structural health. Our specialists use state-of-the-art chemical barriers to effectively halt moisture rise. This treatment secures your home’s foundations and preserves its aesthetic value, ensuring a sound and appealing living environment.

Custom Damp-proofing Tailored for Your Home

Every home in Coalville faces unique damp challenges. We start with a detailed assessment to understand these challenges thoroughly. Our skilled technicians then apply our environmentally friendly Gell products with precision, creating a durable barrier against damp.

Condensation Control for Healthier Living

Excessive indoor moisture can lead to many issues, including mould and structural damage. Our advanced solutions manage indoor humidity, maintaining a healthy and comfortable atmosphere within your home.

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Dedicated Support and Guidance

At Dampco, we believe that our job goes beyond just providing treatments. We engage with our clients to ensure they understand our solutions and how to maintain them effectively. Our support continues even after the initial treatment as we strive to provide lasting solutions and peace of mind.

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Reach out to us today if you face damp issues in your home. Dampco is here to provide a comprehensive evaluation and craft a solution that ensures your home stays dry and healthy for years to come. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering long-term results and offering personalised advice to prevent future damp problems.