The Difference Between Rising and Penetrative Damp

Damp is a serious problem which can cause excessive damage to your home, and if left untreated, it could lead to fundamental problems with the structural integrity of your property. If you are suffering from rising damp, then its time you fight back and reclaim your home with the help and support from the team here at Dampco Ltd. Our team are comprehensively trained with years of experience, so finding a solution to your damp problem is easy.

A key part of finding the best treatment to your problem is to identify the problem in the first place. There are three types of damp problems, the main two being rising and penetrative damp. As experts in our field we commonly get asked what the difference is between the two. As such, we have decided to explain the difference between these damp problems, so that in the unfortunate event that you do contract a damp problem yourself, you can identify the cause.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is probably the most common damp problem which homeowners suffer from. It involves the slow upwards movement of damp from the ground up into the masonry of your building. This usually arises due to poor or inadequate damp proofing. Rising Damp is usually identified by the trademark “tidemark” which is a white line of salt along the wall. This type of damp can cause serious damage to your décor which even the best painting contractor Derby will not be able to hide.

Penetrative Damp

Penetrative damp is also known as rain penetration damp and usually occurs through roofs, walls or openings. The water will penetrate the building (hence the name) from the outside, and cause water damage indoors. This usually occurs due to faulty roofing or poorly fitted windows or drainage systems.

If you believe that you are suffering from rising damp Leicester then contact Dampco Ltd today. The team here have the expertise and the technical equipment to rectify your damp problem completely. If you believe that you need the help of the professionals, then contact us today on (0116) 289 3000.

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