What Does Tanking a Cellar Mean?

When carrying out home improvements, whether it’s constructing an extension to offer additional space or waterproofing a basement making it once again useable as an extra family room, it’s likely that when talking to those within the construction trade, you’ll be bamboozled by some of the jargon and industry specific terminology that they use. However, here at Dampco Ltd, we think it’s important to explain all the processes we go through in your property in plain English, which is why we’ve produced this guide to explain what tanking Leicester means.

The term tanking is often used in conjunction with rising damp control; however in reality these are two separate things and shouldn’t be confused. Rising damp control is when a waterproof application is applied to the affected area, preventing the damage from spreading.

Tanking on the other hand, involves the complete internal application of a waterproof material being applied directly onto all of the walls within the basement, the floor and if required the ceiling; providing a box to prevent moisture from becoming an issue within the basement.

Tanking in an Old and New Basement:

The protection that tanking provides your basement will ultimately come down to the age of the area. For example, if you have an existing basement within a period property which was constructed along with the building, tanking will help control damp issues, but it’s worth noting that tanking it will not prevent further dampness, instead it’ll stop the dampness penetrating and affecting the decorative wall and oak flooring Birmingham.

However, when applied correctly by our team of experienced and professional technicians, in a new basement it will stop moisture entering the wall in the first place.

When used correctly and installed by an experienced and professional team, such as us here at Dampco Ltd, tanking Leicester can be highly effective. If you’d like more information surrounding tanking or you’d like advice on how to best waterproof your basement, contact us today on 0116 2893000.

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