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Our commitment to tackling rising damp and condensation

In Leicester, many homes face persistent challenges with rising damp, condensation, and the ongoing need for effective damp proofing. Addressing these issues head-on, Dampco Ltd has established itself as a leading expert in the field, committing over five decades of experience to serving the homeowners of Leicester.

Spanning decades with dedication

After over 50 years, our family-driven venture has consistently prioritized the well-being of homes against rising damp and condensation. We’ve steadfastly focused on our mission through changing landscapes and evolving challenges—delivering unparalleled service that transcends mere transactions.

Understanding Leicester’s structural essence

Every Leicester home, with its unique layout and challenges, is treated as a distinct project. We integrate advanced damp proofing techniques with a keen understanding of individual needs, ensuring a custom-fit solution every time. Our cellar conversions, a blend of functionality and aesthetics, further testify to our diversified expertise.

Detail-oriented excellence

Each project commences with an exhaustive survey, enabling us to get to the core of every issue. This systematic approach ensures immediate solutions and strategies for long-term wellness, empowering homeowners with knowledge and a vision for a damp-free future.

Trust, sealed with assurance

We recognize the value of trust and aim to fortify it at every opportunity. Our guarantees, some stretching as long as 30 years, are a testament to our confidence in our services. Furthermore, affiliations like the Guarantee Protection Trust act as a seal of our unwavering commitment.

Step into a world of damp-free living

Whether you’re looking to shield your Leicester property from moisture threats with damp proofing or elevate its aesthetic appeal, Dampco is the partner you’ve been seeking. Dive into an experience shaped by tradition, precision, and unmatched expertise.