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Combating dampness with proven solutions

Every property has unique challenges, and in Hinckley, homeowners trust Dampco Ltd to address rising damp, condensation, and the need for advanced damp proofing.

Decades of Dampco dedication

Dampco has solidified its position as the industry leader for over half a century. Our unparalleled experience tackling rising damp and condensation using damp proofing, gained from countless projects across regions, is your guarantee for effective, lasting solutions. This family-owned business has grown, evolved, and refined techniques, but one thing remains consistent: our unwavering commitment to superior service.

Diverse offerings tailored to your needs

Beyond standard damp proofing, we pride ourselves on offering innovative cellar conversions. These services are tailored specifically for the diverse properties we encounter, ensuring that each solution fits the homeowner’s specific needs while maximizing the property’s potential.

Precision in every inspection

The cornerstone of our approach is the exhaustive surveys we conduct. Each interaction culminates in a detailed assessment, identifying issues central to rising damp and condensation and recommending the best treatments. Our aim? To ensure properties in Hinckley and beyond stand resilient against the menace of moisture for years to come.

Assurance built on trust

Our reputation in Hinckley and across regions is not just built on words but backed by robust guarantees, some extending up to thirty years. Furthermore, our association with the Guarantee Protection Trust provides an extra layer of assurance, reinforcing the confidence clients have placed in us for decades.

Engaging the Dampco way

The journey from dampness to a revitalized living space is a click or call away. With Dampco, you’re not just hiring a service provider; you’re partnering with a legacy of excellence, fine-tuned over decades, ready to serve Hinckley’s homeowners with distinction.